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Welcome to Les Corset Lingerie

Who we are:

We are a family owned lingerie boutique store that originated for the purpose to provide high quality and unique lingerie garments. We have a talented in-house tailor and lingerie sewing service that lets our clients create a completely custom made piece of garment from scratch at a fair price. Our products are exclusively from Europe and all of our custom linger is designed and hand made in America right at our unique boutique shop.


Our Goals & Purpose:

Our core goal is to provide a wide array of lingerie garments that boast superior quality ,comfort, and exclusivity from Europe. In addition, we offer an in-house service of fully tailored and custom designed lingerie per clients desire. Whether you choose our elite European made products or decide to create a unique piece of lingerie from scratch right here in our beautiful boutique shop, you will not be disappointed.


Vision & Core Values:

The satisfaction and comfort of our clientele is paramount, therefore our core-values is to enhance their quality of life by providing great products at a fair and affordable price. We envision a world where the importance of properly fitted and quality lingerie garments is realized for what it really is, an essential daily practice that is valued as part of an individual's health and wellbeing.




Inspiration and Creation 

Les Corset Lingerie

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